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He reached out and scratched behind my ear "Good girl" He said as He hooked the leash to my collar. He then pulled me to my feet, loaded me in the van and drove off into the night. Part of me wanted to ask where we were going and what He had planned but i knew until He was ready for me to know it would do no good so instead i sat quietly and waited.

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Have fun ladies. She jerked me towards the center of the room where chains hung down from the ceiling. Two other female walked up grabbing my arms and jerked them over my head attaching the chains to my cuffs, they then bent down and hooked the chains bolted in the floor to my ankle cuffs.

He had sat down in a chair and was watching intently to what they were doing to me. One of the women unhooked my corset while the other unzipped my skirt leaving me spread out in front of them naked except for my collar and cuffs. Before I could say a word a ball gag was crammed into my mouth and a blindfold covered my eyes.

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Two floggers replaced the whip, metal tips stinging and cutting in to my back, ass, and upper thighs, as they rained down in rapid succession. How much time passed i have no idea but it took a couple minutes to realize they had stopped. The clamps were jerked off and the pain from both the teeth tugging against me and the return of blood to my nipples and pussy lips make me scream against the gag.

The chains were released from my cuffs and for a moment i was not sure my legs would hold me up. Someone grabbed my leash and tugged me over to the footstool and pushed me down my stomach connect hard against it. Straps tied my arms and legs to the legs of the stool.

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